About HVG Systems

HVG Systems, LLC (HVG) was formed 15 years ago with a single focus in mind – our clients. Our mission statement speaks for our principles, our partnership with our clients, and our commitment to the level of service we deliver:

“Technology Assurance for a fixed monthly cost”

Currently, HVG operates and services clients nationally with HVG’s offices in Minnesota and Arizona.

We partner with our clients and offer design, budgeting, management and ongoing services in the IT area covering cloud/hosted and/or on premise servers, firewalls and cyber security, wide and local area networks (wired and wireless), workstations, IP telephony services, mobile devices, surveillance and access control, audio/video solutions, and peripherals such as printers, scanners and copiers/scanners/fax.

We will integrate our expertise and act as your in-house IT department and to the extent you will allow us to, will liaison and manage any technology needs you have (i.e. copiers, phones, Internet service provider, hardware and software vendors and vertical solutions)

An ExpenseEDGE Certified Supplier

HVG Systems is as a certified ExpenseEDGE supplier offering Computer Products, Desking ePencils, Hardware, and IT Services. With HVG services in place, technology will become an asset and not a liability as we will monitor, support and quickly address any issues and upgrades needed. Please fill out the form below or call our office 612.548.4797 or email us at expenseedge@hvgsystems.com

Value Added Benefits:

  • We are privately owned and operated and carry no debt
  • We are focused on our clients and their needs
  • We work for and represent our clients and not manufacturers or service providers.  We have no incentives to promote any one solution and will find and negotiate the best outcome for our clients
  • We only charge for our services and do not mark up any hardware or software or services we procure on behalf of our clients
  • Our ongoing services are unlimited, at a fixed monthly cost and never have hidden or surprising fees

Our commitment to learn your business and exceed your expectations is backed by our money back guarantee!

Computer Products

HVG Systems sells a variety of computer hardware, networking equipment, peripherals and accessories. Please reach out with your needs.

Desking ePencils

Desking ePencils


Hardware offerings

IT Services

HVG Systems provides IT services at a fixed monthly rate. Please let us know your needs and we will customize a solution for you.

Complete this form today, and an HVG Systems sales representative will contact you to discuss preferred pricing for ExpenseEDGE. You can also call our office 612.548.4797 or email us at expenseedge@hvgsystems.com